Radiological diagnosis

We feel proud to have acquired one of the top CT dental radiography units in the world: the CS 9300 Select! This revolutionary system gives huge flexibility and the ability to collimate the field of view based on the patients’ diagnostic needs, delivering lower radiation dosage than conventional CT units and also a superb level of detail.


Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) is a breakthrough in computed tomography, which allows display in a three-dimensional plane. The three-dimensional display focuses on a specific area, so that the patient receives less radiation (98% less than in conventional CT scanners)..

CBCT is used during diagnosis and preoperative control in endodontics and implantology. A key advantage of the technology is that it adds depth to the diagnostic image. Therefore, with a single diagnostic process, we acquire a complete picture and increase patient care and satisfaction, as the need to undergo multiple irradiation sessions is reduced.

To ensure higher resolution and less radiation, in recent years our clinic uses the CT scanner Kodak 9000 3D.