Restorative Dentistry

For minor or moderate tooth problems due to decay or accidents, modern dentistry offers excellent solutions with superior aesthetics and biocompatibility. In our clinic, we use high-quality resins such as COSMEDENT and TOKUYAMA which guarantee our long-term success. It is important to note that our restorations are always done using a rubber dam, which prevents the ingestion of mercury and heavy metals during the removal of old black (amalgam) fillings and the complete sealing of the teeth.

Thanks to our experience and ongoing scientific research, our clinic has the honour of being provided state-of-the-art dental technology by the most reliable companies so that we can evaluate for them all the new dental products.

The entire procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is completely painless.

At our clinic, we use electronically controlled anaesthesia to minimize pain during the process of anaesthesia. At our clinic, we use the two most sophisticated electronic anaesthesia devices in the world. Sleeper one by Dental Hi Tec and one of Milestone Scientific.