Safety of Implant Treatment

The greatest revolution in dentistry in the last fifty years was Prof. P-I Brånemark discovery of titanium’s ability to become biologically and functionally integrated in the jaw bone if a strict sterile surgical and prosthetic protocol is followed.

The advantage of replacing missing teeth is that we avoid grinding the adjacent healthy teeth to support bridges and eliminate the need to use removable dentures, leaving patients with an excellent functional and cosmetic result. It also stops the unsightly and ageing absorption of the jawbone.

Provided that the patient undergoes thorough preoperative examination, our experience and international evidence-based literature clearly show that treatment with implants is safe, with success rates of 96-99%. Any side effects and events are usually mild and easily treated.

Maintenance requirements for patients include adequate oral hygiene by brushing and the use of interdental brushes or dental floss twice a day. Follow-up examinations and cleaning at the dental office every six months are also required. Patient control includes a radiographic test if necessary.