Clinical Procedures

The last 45 years of clinical research have brought about significant progress in the field of osseointegration. The method is now used on a daily basis to replace lost teeth, limbs, ears and eyes. It can also be used for connecting implantable hearing aids and for the replacement of joints.

Our clinical procedures include bone transplant techniques that we have developed, which allow us to “build” bone where the initial quantity is not sufficient for implant placement.

However, as transplantation is a rather invasive procedure, we have also developed a technique for placing implants on the cheekbone, which in many cases eliminates the need for a transplant in an extensively deficient maxilla.

Another interesting development is the procedure we call Brånemark Novum®. This procedure eliminates the discomfort that may be caused during a long treatment period, and the problems associated with a removable denture. Instead, implants are placed in the morning and the final attachment takes place in the afternoon. The patient can eat a light meal already at the end of the first day of treatment. In addition, the new procedure costs significantly less than usual for the rehabilitation of a completely edentulous mandible.

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