Periodontics is that specialty of dentistry that deals with:

  • The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gums and generally tissues surrounding the teeth, and dental implants.
  • The restoration of lost supportive hard and soft tissues. More specifically, it is the specialty that investigates and deals constantly with soft and hard tissues grafts. These grafts are used in the field of periodontics for many years with great success and are completely compatible with the human body. Another important part of Periodontology is the placement of dental implants, which have dominated the field of dentistry as the first choice for restoring lost teeth. Apart from the acceptable aesthetics, the biggest advantage is the quality of life offered to people who have lost their teeth, something that makes their daily lives difficult and creates problems when they talk, smile, chew and generally socialize with the people around them.
  • Maintaining the health, function and aesthetics of dental and peri-implant tissues throughout one's life.

Periodontal microbial disease has been found in 50% of the population older than 30 years (data from large epidemiological studies in the U.S.). This means that one in two adults over 30 years is diseased. To address the disease, the important is the early diagnosis and treatment. In the early stages it can be successfully done by the general dentist, but in more advanced stages it requires close monitoring by a trained Periodontist.

Additionally, an important part of Periodontics is plastic surgery and microsurgery of gums in the cases of loss, where the teeth appear longer and create aesthetic problems in smile and daily communication of the individual.

In summary, the frequent (every 3-6 months) visits to the dentist and Periodontist are very important for maintaining a healthy denticion for a lifetime.

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