For minor or moderate tooth problems due to decay or accidents, modern cosmetic dentistry offers excellent solutions with superior aesthetics and biocompatibility.

Restorative Dentistry

In our clinic, we use high-quality resins such as COSMEDENT and TOKUYAMA which guarantee our long-term success.

It is important to note that our restorations are always done using a rubber dam, which:

  • prevents the ingestion of mercury and heavy metals during the removal of old black (amalgam) fillings
  • offers improved access and better visibility
  • isolates the operative site from the rest of the mouth providing a clean, dry and sterile operating field

As a consequence of the above, the use of rubber dam reduces operative time, improves the quality of the result and the longevity of restoration.

Thanks to our experience and ongoing scientific research, our clinic has the honour of being provided state-of-the-art dental technology by the most reliable companies so that we can evaluate for them all the new dental products. We use a microscope from beginning to end of the process. The entire procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is completely painless. At our clinic, we use electronically controlled anaesthesia to minimize pain during the process of anaesthesia, and more specifically two of the most sophisticated electronic devices in the world: Sleeper one by Dental Hi Tec and one by Milestone Scientific.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer unmatched quality and longevity for cosmetic restoration. Porcelain veneers for the front and back teeth are a minimally invasive method of cosmetic dentistry to restore the surface of the front teeth, so as to correct imperfections in colour, shape and size. No other dental prosthesis comes close to the esthetic result and natural feel of porcelain veneers. The teeth are either not ground at all or by just 0.5 mm at most. With porcelain veneers, we can achieve permanent whitening, correct moderately crooked teeth, close gaps and restore damaged enamel.

Our experience in porcelain veneer therapy dates back to 1991, with a success rate of 100%, allowing us, over the last 13 years, to teach the scientific and practical details of our methods to cosmetic dentists. If you are looking for a perfect radiant smile in just two visits, with minimal removal of dental material, porcelain veneers are the right choice for you. In recent years, we have increased the indications for porcelain veneers using ips e.max ceramics.

Porcelain Onlays

Ceramic onlays are the perfect solution for restoring moderately damaged back teeth, offering a predictable longevity and an excellent cosmetic result. Teeth that in the past required root canal treatment and a crown now can be restored with porcelain or composite resin onlays. We do not remove any of the healthy dental substance but only the carious areas of the tooth and old fillings.

Ceramic onlays are manufactured in two ways:
  • Α) With a cast manufactured by a dental technician, cemented in a second visit
  • Β) Using the technology cad/cam* cerec in a single visit at the clinic

Today, bleaching is considered the safest and most long-lasting method for a bright smile. Over the years, pigments accumulate on the teeth, which are difficult to remove by brushing. Even some young people commonly have naturally darker teeth.

Bleaching is a process for removing pigments, without destroying the enamel of the teeth. At our clinic, we use an enhanced “power bleach”, with ZOOM and BEYOND technologies.

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